T-Type Woodworkers Edge Rule Protractor

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Our T-Type ruler can provide unparalleled accuracy for your panel layout work. Just press the head to the desired angle, and then press a straight line. The head can be adjusted between 0° and 70°, and it is firmly locked every 5° (plus 22-1/2° and 67-1/2°)to provide you with an accurate reference angle. The lengths are 10 inches and 15 inches, respectively.

  • Reduce Errors
    Both sides of the ruler are laser engraved, and the scale is1/32 increments. The tolerance of the scale is a total cumulative error of±0.04 cm. The thin satin-finished stainless steel blade is easy to read and minimizes parallax errors.

  • High Precision
    Our new Woodworkers Edge Rule has a text design, and each 16-inch blade has a groove for accurate measurement.

  • Easy To Use
    Press the Woodworkers Edge Rule on the board and rotate the ruler to get the desired angle. Each 16-inch blade has a groove. Just put the pencil in the notch and slide the head along the edge of the barrel to create a perfect parallelism line.

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